Cardboard Promotions Upcoming Private Signings

January 16 updates:  All order from our Cecil Cooper signings were mailed out this week.  85% of orders from our Charlie Scott & Steve Pearce signings have been mailed out by today with the rest going out Tuesday (b/c Monday's a holiday). 
   Here are some of the photos & Sports lllustrateds we have for the signings.  Please note the Hayes & Papelbon pitching magazines have mailing labels.  The Pabelbon celebration magazine does not.  And, of course, none of the photos have watermarks 

No limitations on what can be signed for the Cedric Maxwell or Wilbur Wood signings.  As noted below for the other signings, there are some limitations on what can be signed due to contractual or transportation reasons.  All are all in-person private signings with the exception of Bellhorn.  On Bellhorn, I mail to him & the date is the date I mail to him & orders are mailed back approximately 2 weeks after that date.

SASE, prepaid mailing labels or money accepted as return shipping.


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