Cardboard Promotions Upcoming Private Signings

November 28 updates:  All orders from our Trot Nixon signed have been mailed out by November 28.
The Gerry Cheevers, Rico Petrocelli & Satch Sanders signings are local, in-person private sigings with no limitation on what can  
                 be signed
For the Cecil Cooper signing, I ship items to him & he ships back signed.  The date is the date I ship to him & orders 
are mailed back approximately 2 weeks after that date.    For the Steve Pearce signing, I fly to him.  Both of these 
                                          signings are limited to balls & flats up to 12*18 as a result
The Charlie Scott signing is a bit different in that orders on regular items (card & flats up to 12*18) are sent to me,
but orders on premium items are sent to Jason Ganzer.   Please email him for premium items.
                                           It is an in-person private signing in which I fly to Scott

SASE, prepaid mailing labels or money accepted as return shipping


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