Cardboard Promotions Upcoming Private Signings

February 28 updates:  Orders for our Mark Bellhorn signing were mailed to Bellhorn as scheuduled on Monday, February 22.  Orders will be mailed to customers approximately 2 weeks from that date. Orders from our Wilbur Wood signing were mailed out Saturday, February 27.  The Jonathan Papelbon & Brad Park signings have been competed & all orders were mailed out by Wednesday, February 24 Wednesday............Here are the photos we have for our upcoming signings: 

No limitations on what can be signed for our Orlando Cabrera, Kevin Stacom or Ernie DiGregorio signings.  As noted below for the other  signings, there are some limitations on what can be signed due to contractual or transportation reasons.    Also, the Mike Greenwell signing will be an in-person private signing (last time it was a 'through the mail private signing)
Please note deadline to receive orders on Sam Jones & Phil Esposito is 4 pm on Thursday, March 4 based on my flight schedule for these signings.  (Mail is delivered well before 4 pm each day)

SASE, prepaid mailing labels or money accepted as return shipping.


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