Cardboard Promotions Upcoming Private Signings

 April 11 updates:  Our Kevin Stacom & Ernie DiGregorio were mailed out Wednesday, April 1.  Orders from our Dennis 'Oil Can' Boyd & Kenny Anderson signings will be mailed out by Friday, April 16............Here are some of the photos available our upcoming signings: 

No limitations on what can be signed for our Bill Rodgers, Mike Pagliarulo, Jean Ratelle, Bob Stanley or Tommy Harper signings.  For the Jerry Remy signing (in conjuction with Perry Sports Legends), items are mailed to him on the signing date & orders are mailed back from me approximately 2 weeks after that day.  The other signings are in-person private signings.  As noted some signings have limitations as to what can be signed due to logistical (can only fit so much on a plane) or contactual reasons.    Also, the Adam Vinatieri signing is on April 23.  However, April 18 is the deadline to receive orders, so I put April 19 as the signing date, so I don't get a pile of orders after April 18.   



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