To become a vendor at Dedham or Mansfield:  please email to be added to the waiting list.   Vendor Tables are currently sold out for Dedham & Mansfield

To become a vendor at our mall shows, it's $125 for an 8 ft table and $95 for a 6 f table for our Emerald Square mall show.  A deposit of $20 PER table reserves your tables (rest paid day of show) 

Click here to pay deposit  for an 8 ft table Emerald Square mall show

Click here to pay deposit  for an 6 ft table Emerald Square mall show


6 ft tables for our July 20 & Solomon Pond Mall show are $50 each. A $15 deposit PER table reserves your table(s),  links below:

Deposit for 6 ft table Saturday only Solomon Pond Mall






Show Vendor Rules,  Cardboard Promotions Card & Autograph Shows at Holiday Inn  Dedham, MA & Envision Hotel in Mansfield, MA

Vendor Set-up/Payment Info:  Vendor set-up starts at 6:45 am The promoter reserves the right to require payment prior to the day of the show. Payment by check, cash or Paypal to or venmo @Douglas-Keating-2. The promoter will try to accommodate vendor’s table location preferences but reserves the right to assign them.   Vendors receive 1 free autographed item per show

Emergency Exits/Fire Lanes:  No vendor may be exits/entrances.  Vendors shouldn’t park in fire lanes.

Hours of Show:  Open to the public from 8:30 am to 2:15 pm.  Vendors shouldn’t leave until at least 2 pm.

Tax Resale Certificates:  Vendors should have a tax resale certificate & have a copy of it with them at the show.  Forms to apply for one are available online

Dispute between show vendor and show/attendee customer:  In the unlikely event of a dispute between a show vendor & customer, promoter may provide vendor’s contact info to help resolve if it can’t be resolved at the show.  Promoter is not liable for any transaction between vendor & customer/show attendee

What can’t be sold:  Games of chance (i.e. dice games), unlicensed or counterfeit cards or  pornographic items may not be sold be vendors at the show

No-Show Policy:  The no-show fee is ½ of the table fee, except in cases of emergency as determined by the promoter

Limit of Liability:  The promoter is not liable for costs due to theft or damage of vendor’s merchandise

Length of Agreement:  Agreement shall remain in effect unless a new agreement has been signed by vendor