Agreement between Show Vendor & Cardboard Promotions LLC (promoter),  Sports Card Show (show) at Holiday Inn and Dedham, MA & Peabody, MA

Vendor Set-up/Payment Info:  Vendor set-up starts at 6:45 am The promoter reserves the right to require payment prior to the day of the show. Payment by check, cash or Paypal to or venmo. The promoter will try to accommodate vendor’s table location preferences but reserves the right to assign them.   Vendors receive 1 free autographed item per show

Emergency Exits/Fire Lanes:  No vendor may be exits/entrances.  Vendors shouldn’t park in fire lanes.

Hours of Show:  Open to the public from 8:30 am to 2:45 pm.  Vendors shouldn’t leave until at least 2 pm.

Lunch is no longer provided to vendors

Tax Resale Certificates:  Vendors should have a tax resale certificate & have a copy of it with them at the show.  Forms to apply for one are available online or from promoter

Dispute between show vendor and show/attendee customer:  In the unlikely event of a dispute between a show vendor & customer, promoter may provide vendor’s contact info to help resolve if it can’t be resolved at the show.  Promoter is not liable for any transaction between vendor & customer/show attendee

What can’t be sold:  Games of chance (i.e. dice games), unlicensed or counterfeit cards or  pornographic items may not be sold be vendors at the show

No-Show Policy:  The no-show fee is ½ of the table fee, except in cases of emergency as determined by the promoter

Limit of Liability:  The promoter is not liable for costs due to theft or damage of vendor’s merchandise

Length of Agreement:  Agreement shall remain in effect unless a new agreement has been signed by vendor

Signed & Dated:

Printed Name of Vendor:

Vendor’s Phone Number & Email:



2021 Sports Card & Memorabilia Show Schedule Dedham

Fathers Day, June 20, Sunday, July 11, Sunday, August 15, Labor Day, September 6, Columbus Day, October 11, Sunday, October 31 & the Friday after Thanksgiving, November 26, Sunday, December 19.  

2022 Sports Card Show Schedule Dedham

Saturday/New Years Day, January 1       Sunday, January 30      Presidents Day, February 21

Sunday,  March 6      Sunday, March 27       Sunday, April 24     Sunday, May 15

Memorial Day, May 30, 2022

2021 & 2022 Peabody Show Schedule

Will be primarily a Saturday show